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    1. Tech-Lock™ is an Auto-Locking Technology for
      electronic equipment such as computers, televisions, cell phones,
      cameras and even power tools. Tech-Lock™ allows the user
      to set the device to work for a predetermined period of time and
      then at the end of the scheduled time it automatically powers off
      and will not work again without the proper password. In the new
      digital age a demand has been created for better parental control
      and security for electronic devices. For employers, reduce the risk
      of injury or damage through the unauthorized use of shop tools.
      If you're a parent, imagine the peace of mind and satisfaction you'll
      feel knowing that your children's television or computer usage
      will be constantly monitored on your terms.
    Tech-Lock Protection

    Quick Release
    Auto-Light Knife

    1. RatchetMaster's hand tool product line includes The Quick Release Pliers,
      made to remove even the most difficult Push-Lock Fittings,
      PCV Valves, Rubber Lines on Fuel Filters, Radiator Water Overflow Lines,
      Wiper Assembly Lines and More! For Removal of SharkBite, Push-Fit,
      or Pro-Bite Push Connect Fittings for Plumbing, Industrial, Trucking,
      and Automotive industries. Ratchet Master's Indexing Ratchet is a
      great way for DIY & professional mechanics to access hard to reach
      areas. Easy to assemble, it even converts to a plam ratchet for the
      hardest locations. 6-in-one Indexing Ratchet offers
      1/2" Indexing Ratchet,
      1/2" Straight Ratchet,
      1/2" Palm Ratchet,
      3/8" Indexing Ratchet, 3/8" Straight Ratchet,
      3/8" Palm Ratchet.
    Indexing Ratchet

Direct Source International

continues to specialize in novel hand tools under the Ratchet Master Trademark or private labeled for the Plumbing, Hardware, Industrial, Trucking and Camping Industries.
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